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General Tax & Legal Advice

Tax is a consideration that affects many aspects of everyday life, from where we may choose to live to our income and assets and of course any commercial transactions we conduct. This is especially true in the case of high-net-worth individuals, for whom tax burdens are more significant and/or who hold a diverse portfolio of assets. It can often be difficult for individuals to keep up with the latest tax law and regulatory developments in all the relevant jurisdictions in which they hold assets or receive income, and to understand how these are applied on a practical level.

Due to the increased complexity and developments in laws and regulations relating to the management of international wealth portfolios and trusts for private clients, there is also an increasing demand among international financial institutions for legal advice in these areas on behalf of the clients they serve.

In addition to our more specialized expertise areas, we therefore offer legal advice on any general personal or business tax queries or concerns that our clients may have.

For any queries or further information, please contact Milan Patel or Jennifer Mayo.

Examples of our work include:

Advising private clients, financial institutions and other parties on transfers between mutual funds, in order to benefit from the Spanish tax deferral regime.

Providing in-house training sessions for companies and financial institutions in relation to tax law matters. Depending on the needs of the client, training sessions have been provided either on specific topics requested by the client or on relevant tax matters chosen by us, and are usually tailored to one or more relevant jurisdictions.

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