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Family Businesses & Corporate Structuring

Many of our clients are family business owners and/or stakeholders in corporate entities, which require particular attention when considering wealth management planning, alongside our clients’ other personal assets. Family businesses are unique in that their management has to take into account legal requirements, considerations of the relevant business markets at the time, and considerations of a more personal nature due the families and generations involved in the business.

Family businesses and corporate interests are also a key consideration when addressing succession planning. If a business owner does not have a succession plan in place, his or her death can suddenly bring his family members into the decision-making process, which can cause disruptions to the business and its success if their short or long-term interests are different from those of the original owner. It is therefore important to establish a proper succession plan early on, to define the rights and obligations of each stakeholder and their surviving estate, and to ensure continuity of the business if desired.

We take time to get to know our clients to ensure that we fully understand their particular needs, both in the context of the business and as a personal stakeholder. We are then able to work with them to find optimal, customized ways to structure or restructure their corporate interests in order to help maintain their wealth, mitigate future tax obligations and address their long-term wishes (whether in terms of future business exit strategies or succession matters).

We offer a broad range of corporate advice, including on the reorganization of groups of family companies, the reallocation of company share capital, planning commercial ventures such as mergers and acquisitions, company formation, ongoing corporate obligations and administration, corporate tax obligations and potential tax relief advantages. Our team’s varied areas of expertise, which extends across tax and wealth planning as well as more traditional corporate and M&A, also mean that it is able to work together efficiently to provide innovative and tailored solutions to our clients’ requirements.

For any queries or further information, please contact Fabricio Gonzalez or Matthew Ledvina.

Examples of our work include:

Assisting the owner of a European-based private equity fund to reorganize the fund’s assets in a tax-free transaction.

Restructuring the companies of an ultra-high-net-worth-individual (UHNWI) to provide for a holding structure qualifying for the special “family business” tax regime, in order to mitigate Wealth Tax and minimize Inheritance Tax exposure.

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